The experiences of our members are our most valuable asset

Only someone who went through the same experience can understand what it means to wait years for a child or to research information about their past. Join us in our activities to share your experience, your feelings, and get advice, support, and information for your situation!

We have a peer-to-peer network all over Finland, from the capital area to Lapland. We organise several meetings, trainings, and lectures throughout the year. We offer the opportunity for young adoptees to take part to the adoptees’ summer camp and manage retreats for adoptive families. Our volunteers organise support meetings, networking activities, Sunday brunches to discuss specific topics, and activities for young adoptees. We regularly issue our association magazine and publish information on our website.

Find more information about our events on our calendar or our Facebook page. Our members are entitled to discounts on our activities. You are warmly welcome to organise events! Our activities are made possible by our trained volunteers. We welcome ideas and suggestions for new activities.