Everyday life is made up of small, joyful moments, such as a stress-free breakfast together with your family. Amidst all the hustle and bustle it’s sometimes difficult to remember to take joy in the small things. We now wish to encourage you to share what brings you joy in your everyday life!

What is the #Adoptionjoy Week?

The #Adoptionjoy Week 9.–15.3.2020 is an week-long campaign, organised for the fourth time, which aims to highlight joyful moments in adoptive families’ lives in social media. Day of the Adopted is celebrated on March 13 on the same week.

In the campaign we wish to show ways in which everyday life in an adoptive family is similar to other families, in good and bad both. We encourage anyone who is affected by adoption – the approximately 30 thousand adoptees and their loved ones – to share what brings them joy with the tags #adoptionilo, #adoptionsglädje, and #adoptionjoy as other Nordic adoption organisations join us in the campaign.

The pictures shared by adoptees, adoptive parents or grandparents will share relatable joyful experiences in ordinary Finnish families. Adoption is simply one way to find or start a family.

Adoption is a part of the life story of thousands of Finnish families. After 1985 over 5,000 children have been internationally adopted to Finland. The history of domestic adoption is longer, and it affects even more families over many decades.

We invite everyone who is affected by adoption in any way – join in the #Adoptionjoy Week and share the joy!

Ways to join in spreading the joy of adoption:

  • Share posts by Adoptive Families ry and other adoption organisations (Interpedia ry, Save the Children, Yhteieset Lapsemme ry) in social media with the hashtag #adoptionjoy.
  • Share your own pictures with the hashtag #adoptionjoy on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Accompany the picture with a short description of what brings you joy in your everyday life affected by adoption! Remember to set your Facebook update as public, if you want it to be shared.
  • Update your Facebook profile picture adding the #adoptionilo frame. Click your profile picture, “update”, “add frame” and search the frame by using words ”adoptionilo”, ”adoptionsgladje” or ”adoptioperheet”.
  • If you have concerns about sharing personal stories or posting a child’s photo on social media, read our Adoptioperhe mediassa guide (in Finnish, PDF). Your pictures may also depict a toy-filled living room, your child’s artwork, a beautiful landscape or freshly baked cookies instead of a photo of your family – whatever brings you joy in your life! You may also post a photo with a funny quote from your child or a happy memory of something that happened on your adoption journey.
  • Offer to be interviewed on Week 11 about how adoption affects you! Our media guide (in Finnish, PDF) might help you with the decision.

We would love to help media representatives to find adoptive families or adoptees for interviews. More information and requests for interviews: