Ask from a professional

Are you wondering for example about inheritance, the rights that adoptee has, relationships with partners or family, your own background or roots and how to search them or something else?

Adoptee, ask a question from our professionals! The professionals are from a different fields of expertise and they all have orientated on adoption too. You can ask your question in English, Swedish or Finnish by sending it to Minna or Elias (contact info under) via email and we’ll forward it anonymously to the professional of your choosing.

Tell in your message which professional you’d want your question forwarded and also if we can share both the question and the answer anonymously on our website so that it’ll benefit other people that are wondering the same things. The answer will be sent to you via email and we’ll handle all questions and information confidentially.


  • Social worker, Catarina
  • Social worker, Saara
  • Psychotherapist, Christina
  • Lawyer, Johanna
  • Jurist, Jonna
  • Elias Helminen
    Elias Helminen Peer Support Specialist


    Contact person for the activities for adopted children, youths and adults, and volunteer activities
    045 882 7080