Mentoring project – personal peer support for adoptees, adoptive families and prospective adoptive parents nationwide

A space to talk about difficult issues, as well as laugh together.

It can sometimes feel easier to share thoughts and feelings with someone who has similar experiences. Mentoring is a first form of support, based on the expert experience of adoptive families and adoptees. Mentoring is based on the personal relationship that forms between the mentor and the mentee. The mentor is a balanced, caring, reliable adult peer, who has been interviewed and has received training for the job ahead. Suggested minimum age limit for the mentor is 25 years, but every applicant is warmly welcomed and evaluated individually. Mentors are entitled to receive support and professional guidance as a volunteer, as well as participate in recreational activities and further training. The mentors provide support in their own individual way, by simply listening, talking, and sharing advice when needed. Participation is free-of-charge for both the mentor and the mentee.

The need for mentoring can appear in different stages of live, when you are considering to adopt, when your child start school, adolescence or when an adoptee is showing interest to reconnect with their birthfamily. Mentoring is offered nation-wide to all adoptees of all ages: kids, teenagers, adults, and seniors. The duration of mentorship can be adapted to match the mentees need of support. An adult adoptee can volunteer as a mentor to another adoptee as well as an adoptive family or prospective parents. Similarly, an adoptive parent can create a mentor relationship with another adoptive parent, family, adoptee or prospective parent.

Every adoption story is unique, and so is the need for support.

You do not need to be in full crisis mode to request mentorship. Mentorship does not replace professional support. A mentor can provide you with the opportunity of spending time with someone who can really understand you and relate to what you might be going through. Mentorship allows you to share your thought and feelings in confidence with a peer with similar experiences. The mentor and the mentee meet approximately once a month for 1-3 hours. The mentor and the mentee can agree how to spend their time together, for instance go for a walk, have coffee, or go to the cinema. A mentor can also accompany you, for instance, when you meet a biological relative for the first time or if you are planning to visit a post-adoption services. 

Mentors are trained nation-wide in Finnish and Swedish. The first trainings took place in the spring of 2019 and will continue in the fall of 2019. Some of our trained mentors have expressed the will to mentor in English as well. Check the upcoming trainings below!

Does mentoring sound interesting to you or do you have questions or ideas? Get in touch!


Trainings for Autumn 2019:

28.-29.9.2019 HELSINKI

19.-20.10.2019 TAMPERE

2.-3.11.2019 (City to be decided based on interest)