Our volunteers enable the diverse and nationwide activities we offer! They share their experience, skills and time in many different ways!

Everyone is welcome to volunteer! If adoption is close to your heart and you want to have peer support and be involved in creating peer support for others join us. We do not require earlier experience from volunteering, instead we offer the opportunity to develop yourself and learn something new through meaningful volunteering.

There are different tasks – repetitive, one-time, do it at your own pace

We have team leaders who are responsible for convening, informing and reporting to the office about peer groups from all over Finland. The annual country meetings are organized by a group of volunteers who share tasks with each other. We have online volunteers who run chats on various adoption-related topics from home. We have people who photograph, translate, or write in our member magazines.
We have a board that meets six times a year about the priorities of our association.

Our volunteers are supported by a Full-Time Volunteer Coordinator working in our Helsinki office, who provides training, produces support materials, informs and creates contacts between volunteers.

If you want to get involved, feel free to contact the Volunteer Coordinator and ask for more information!

Volunteer roles

We also offer flexible support for example for self-conceived events and lectures

Our volunteers have independently organized e.g. a weekend-long family camp, a psychologist’s lecture for parents, and a day-long seminar on the relationship between adoption, root exploration, and social media. For example, the association can email an ad about your event to members living within a specific geographic area and tip about it on social media channels and in a monthly membership letter. We are also happy to advise on general issues related to the organization of the event.

You can volunteer at any time by leaving your contact information via the button below. You can also email / call the Volunteer Coordinator.