Our activities would not be possible without our volunteers’ contribution! They share their experience, expertise, and time in several different ways!

We welcome as a volunteer anyone who feels close to adoption, wants to enjoy peer support, and is ready to create new opportunities of support for others. No special skills are required and we provide the opportunity to develop and learn new things through meaningful volunteer work.

There are several tasks – regular, one-off, self-paced

Our group leaders are in charge of convoking, informing, and reporting to the office of our peer groups gathering all around Finland. Our yearly country meet-ups are organized by an alternating team of volunteers who distribute the tasks between themselves. Our home-based online tutors lead chats about different adoption-related topics. Our magazine team members do photography, translations, and writing for our association magazine. Our board of directors, who line our association’s overarching policies and define which actions to emphasise, gathers six times a year.

At our Helsinki office works a full-time volunteering coordinator, who supports our volunteers by offering education, providing supporting materials, informing and making connections between the volunteers.

We also offer flexible support to self-devised events and lectures

Our volunteers have independently organized, among other things: a week-long family camping trip; a chance to explore carrying a child in a baby sling or carrier for a couple of hours; a psychologist’s lecture for parents on a weekday evening; and a day-long seminar on adoption, finding your roots, and how social media influences the process. Our association can, for example, send an email advertisement of your event for members within a specific geographic location, and promote it on our social media channels. We are also happy to advise with general questions regarding event planning.

You can start volunteering at any time by leaving your contact information via the button below. You may also email or call our volunteering coordinator.

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    Elias Helminen Volunteering Coordinator

    Contact for the activities for adopted children, youths and adults, and volunteer activities
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