Personal peer support for adoptees and adoptive families nationally

Sometimes we can have serious discussions, sometimes we’ll have a laugh.

Sharing thoughts and feelings with someone with similar experiences as yours can feel easier. The mentorship programme trains mentors to act as support for people in various points of the adoption path. The programme is meant for adoptees of all ages, for adoptive parents in waiting and for those who have families via adoption. The programme offers low-treshold support on your adoptive journey nationally in both Finnish and Swedish. The mentorship is based on the personal and confidential relationship between a mentor and a mentee. 

Mentors are regular people with regular know-how; they are adult adoptees and adoptive parents who have underwent our mentorship training. A mentor is a caring, balanced adult who will walk beside you and who offers support in their own, unique way by listening and sharing. A mentorship gives you a chance to spend time and share thoughts with a trusted peer. The programme is cost-free.

An adoptee or adoptive family may find their need for support activated at different points of life; when entering adulthood, when starting a family, or when a child starts day care or school. Adoptees of all ages, adoptive parents and adoptive parents-in-waiting who wish for personal peer support and to confidentially share their thoughts and concerns regarding their lives with someone may all apply for a mentorship. By talking things over with an adult with shared experience it is possible to find new points of view, strength reserves and solutions. As varied and singular as every adoption story, experience and background is, so is their need for support.

A mentor and a mentee will meet each other approximately once a month, but the procedure may be adapted according to the mentee’s hopes and need for support. The mentor pair may choose for themselves how they wish to spend their time together. You may for example talk over coffee, go for a walk or go bowling. A mentor can also join an adoptee meeting their biological family for the first time, or when they visit a service provider for post-adoption services. The mentorship programme won’t replace support given by professionals; it gives you the chance to spend time with a peer who understands your experiences.

Everyone’s adoption story, experience and  background is as singular as is the need for support.

July 2020
  • Minna Vihavainen
    Minna Vihavainen Mentorship Project Manager

    Contact for mentors and mentees in the mentoring project

    050 4109 500